FLX International is an export management agency that works as a bridge between producers and importers. As your representative in the complex Asian import environment, we work on your behalf to market in a responsible manner. Too often export agencies work with the first person to connect, which usually results in containers of unconsumed products and cheap representation of brands. We see that as poor business.


Asia, specifically China, is all about “face” (面子) and “relationships” (关系); concepts that are often misunderstood from western perspectives. This is what makes FLX International uniquely perfect as your export management agency as we have not only lived in China, studied it extensively, but we maintain an exclusive partnership with a Chinese-owned, western-educated marketing firm. By working together, we blend the best combination of resources to preserve quality and philosophy, creating global brands for our amazing Finger Lakes producers.


We have the Finger Lakes producers’ best interests in mind, with the capabilities and insight to best navigate consumer barriers in the Asia-Pacific. We look forward to working with you to share a taste of your quality products with the curious consumers in the Asia-Pacific. Please contact us to discuss a consultation and to see how we can be of service to you.